Hendrik Leper

Pompoen Orkest

The Pumpkin Orchestra is a live improvisation ensemble performing with fresh vegetables and synthesisers. It is founded by Rocsa, a Gent based community-arts organisation, as resident orchestra at the Piramuide and it’s garden.
The orchestra embraces a core of four players; Ernst Maréchal, Olivier Provost, Kasper Jordaens and Hendrik leper, a changing pool of local enthusiasts and is conducted and mixed by musician and electronics wizard Dago Sondervan.

The Pumpkin Orchestra can also come as an interactive installation and workshop.

performances: iMinds conference 5/12/2013, BEAF Bozar 26-28/09/2013, Piramuide 8/9/2013, 14/7/2013 & 19/5/2013


2013 - ongoing

Dago Sondervan @ BEAF / Bozar Sept 2013

Ernst Maréchal @ BEAF / Bozar Sept 2013

Kasper Jordaens @ BEAF / Bozar Sept 2013

Olivier Provost @ BEAF / Bozar Sept 2013

Recent works

licht bewolkt


Stone Soup

2010 - ongoing

Midi controller




Video stills

Pierrot Lunaire


Airquality Graph

Drawing by Numbers


Stopkontakt [in a box]

SE/30 Welcome to the 20th century back!

2006 - 2010

Summercamp Electrified: how to Electrify the city


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