Hendrik Leper


Dustbunnies is a small colony of digital dust balls that scan the space in search of crumbs of lost thoughts, emotions and dreams. They are a group of LoFi amoeba addicted to a past caught in flakes of skin and hair, in dust and in dirt.

Dustbunnies is an interactive installation by Boutique Vizique, originally developed in cooperation with art centre Z33, for FEEL THE YOUNG, an exhibition on the theme of tactile media art. Meanwhile a second version has been realized. Beep beep!

Presented at FEEL the young, Hasselt; Bazuco Super Mercado, Vooruit Ghent; Spinrag festival, Neerpelt and Leuven ; Five (5) Irvine USA ; and Muhka, Antwerp; Trondheim Matchmaking festival, Norway; Artbots, Ghent; Alles in Wonderland, Turnhout; LAB30, Augsburg, Germany; ElectroFringe, Newcastle, Australia.


Dustbunnies @ M HKA media 2006

Dustbunnies @ M HKA media 2006

Dustbunnies @ M HKA media 2006

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