Hendrik Leper

Drawing by Numbers

Artists often impose restrictions, rules and conditions on themselves and their design process to gain creativity. Proofs of this are the numerous manifestos and art movements that the twentieth century has produced.

During this project we examined the methods of drawing and designing by numbers (mathematical, conditional, …) and discussed the conceptual implications and the “errors” that this self-imposed rules or conditions can entail.

The first day Luna and Roel of Conditional Design gave an intense introduction to the principles of ‘programmed’ designs with simple and fun drawing assignments.

The next two days we took these principles to the digital world with drawing robots (the Scribbler 2) and a homemade Polargraph printer machine.

This workshop was very low-level and prior knowledge related to programming was not necessary. It was an introduction to the fascinating fusion of art, drawing and creativity!

Drawing by Numbers was a workshop organized by the Atelier Media Arts at KASK.

Recent works

licht bewolkt


Stone Soup

2010 - ongoing

Midi controller


Pompoen Orkest

2013 - ongoing



Video stills

Pierrot Lunaire


Airquality Graph


Stopkontakt [in a box]

SE/30 Welcome to the 20th century back!

2006 - 2010

Summercamp Electrified: how to Electrify the city


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